Content First Content Modeling in the Multichannel World

Site Building
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In the old days (way back around 2011), content design was something that project teams rarely considered until AFTER visual design. As the digital publishing landscape has evolved to include devices with screens of varying sizes, devices with no screens at all, and APIs that feed content to platforms where the ultimate presentation is completely unknown to the content publisher, that approach won't cut it anymore. Content modeling is as important a discipline as development and theming. In this presentation, I'll walk you through the concepts and the basic framework that we've successfully used on sites ranging from tens of simple, static pages to sites containing hundreds of thousands of dynamic pages with targeted content. Most of the methodology is applicable to any content management system, but I'll give some guidance and kick off some group discussion on Drupal specific issues related to it.

This session should be accessible and relevant to anyone with some experience in content management. Most of the concepts and tasks we'll be discussing traditionally align to the work of a site builder in the Drupal ecosystem, but I argue that understanding them is going to become increasingly important for everyone.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 


1. Why the old way won't work anymore
2. What content strategy looks like in the new world
1. Create once, publish everywhere

3. Our content process
1. Pre-requisites
1. Personas
2. Customer journeys

2. Process
1. Inventory
2. Audit
3. Use Cases
4. High Level Model
5. Detailed Model

3. Problems
1. Legacy content that can't be rewritten
2. Format problems in external data
3. Bad/lack of data
4. Velocity or expectations mismatch with visual design

4. Drupal specific considerations
1. Advantages of Drupal for future oriented content models
2. How should I model the stuff I'm going to put in blocks?
3. Does my detailed content model require contrib modules that may not be mature or may not play nice with others (e.g., field_collection)
4. What's the right presentation method for the content?

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