Simple ways to improve your Drupal site performance

Site Building
Experience Level: 

Much as we all love Drupal, we also all know that at times the performance of our Drupal sites can be --- disappointing. This quick session will discuss simple ways to make your Drupal site perform better without touching your code, and a strategy for finding out where things hurt.

We will go through some of the reasons your Drupal site may be too slow, why it's important to speed up your site, and different tools for figuring out what in your site is slowing it down. Then we will discuss a few options to improve performance including your hosting environment, tuning the settings in Drupal, and the use of more exotic caching like Varnish, memcache, redis, Cloudflare and other CDN's, and other considerations. Note that this will primarily be a discussion of improvements you can make in the BACK end of your Drupal site.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

1. Find out what makes your site slow.
2. Look at some simple tools for determining you pain points for performance.
3. Simple things you can do to have your site perform better.
4. New considerations for Drupal 8 and new improvements coming down the pike.

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