Creating Dynamic Drupal Websites Using Views & Content Types

Friday, 2:15pm - 3:15pm
Site Building
Experience Level: 

Creating Dynamic Drupal Websites Using Views & Content Types

Views and Content Types are two simple site building tools that gives Drupal a serious competitive advantage. Using these tools, and a simple formula we can create complex data structures and powerful dynamic elements on our website. It's a wonder we're able to do this all from Drupal's UI!

In this session we're going to see some common (and not so common) uses of these modules, including:

  • a slideshow
  • a calendar
  • a staff page made up of users on the site
  • a list of content by the author

Have a particular use case you'd like to hear more about? Leave a comment below.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 
  • common recipes you can follow to build content-driven functionality into your website
  • the secret formula for creating your own recipes
  • how to translate a feature request into Drupal functionality

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