Managing Support Clients With Your Project Based Team

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Are you sick of the headaches of trying to provide ongoing services to your clients after they go live, when your primary focus is on finding more client projects and executing them? Do you find that the clients you provide ongoing support for always seem to have an emergency at exactly the wrong time, when you are heads-down in a new project? Wish you could have dedicated resources handle your support queue, but just can't make it work operationally? Then this session is for you. In this talk we will review one agency's approach to keeping a roster of ongoing support clients happy and operational with a team of resources that are split between "project" and "support" duties. We will discuss processes, tools, and business practices that we have found useful, and discuss the pros and cons of growing your ongoing support business.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

To get perspectives on how resource-constrained agencies can meet customer demand for project work and ongoing support while not going insane or working 80 hrs per week.

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