Participant Led UX

Friday, 3:45pm - 4:45pm
Design & Theming
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Participant Led UX

We have heard Dries’ call upon the community: Drupal’s user experience needs to embrace the concept of outside-in, which is about making user's experience of Drupal more fit they way they naturally think about their tasks rather than how they understand Drupal's structure or internals. Fixing Drupal's UX is a really big problem that is may be too difficult to comprehend as a whole. A great way to solve a really big problem is to break it up into parts. I think I’ve found a piece we can start with.

Let’s get better at listening. Let’s duplicate the success we’ve had with detailed UX research studies that happen once a year at the University of Minnesota and find a way to leverage our many Drupal camps and events around the world to gather data about how users are using Drupal. What tasks / terminology / concepts are they comfortable with? What tasks aren't they comfortable with?

In this talk we will introduce an idea that can be reused at all of our Drupal events. A kiosk of sorts that allows disciplined listeners to have a conversation with real users, gather crucial data about their experiences, and distribute these findings to our UX team, so that they can make informed decisions about what problems need solving.

This talk is open to anyone interested in how Drupal works. I hope it can be a core conversation but it would work really well as a UX track talk.

We will be reviewing the difference of Traditional UX research:

to Participant-led UX research:

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