Taking the plunge: our post-Waterfall toolset

Getting Started
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Using experiences from a recent beast of a project, this session will take attendees through the steps of how we first came to admit that our project management processes were broken, and then began to fix them. We'll discuss our original waterfall-based framework, then show a number of the new tools we've pulled into our workflow, including Trello, Harvest, GitHub, and their many integrations.

Whether you're a single-developer shop or a large group, managing software development is not a trivial task. Working in a big office comes with its own baggage that can often be hard to shed. When the project from hell comes to the office that's stuck in the past, something's got to give. We'll take you on a journey that starts with Basecamp (the Classic version, yuck), and ends with a free toolset that will enable you to more effectively manage projects and move closer to the agile methodologies you've been hearing all about, with very little overhead. We’ll walk you through our chosen toolset, showing you specific pros of each.

This session will connect this to some concepts in Drupal Feature(/s)-driven-development, but the presentation will mostly focus on the PM process, which could apply to any software development project.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

This session will help attendees to better manage projects, from small, single-dev sites to massive, multi-developer operations.

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