Why Your Site is Slow

Saturday, 9:45am - 10:45am
Site Building
Experience Level: 

Why Your Site is Slow


Speed is one feature many clients assume they will get but do not always ask for. In fact, you are more likely to hear your clients ask for features or functionality that will make the site slower. As the person or team developing the site you must often protect the speed of the site. This session will look at key areas in a site architecture where speed may suffer and how to structure your project to ensure they stay fast. With each area, “why?” will be asked repeatedly to reach the root cause.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

This session will cover:

  • Setting and tracking performance budgets so that everyone can see how speed is changing over the life of a project.
  • Analyzing the benefits of third-party integrations and ads that can kill front-end performance.
  • CSS and JS organizations and minification strategies that your team will use.
  • Identifying which places in a system can be cached aggressively.
  • Debugging problem code and queries.

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